Pulseworks is hiring a qualified Programmer to work with us full-time in Smyrna, Georgia. We are looking for a multifaceted Programmer who has experience with C++ and C#. You will help create beautiful, impactful, and immersive VR experiences augmented with 3-axis motion, 4D effects and thunderous high-fidelity sound.


Tasks typically include:
- UMG Setup/Development

- Blueprint node creation

- Scripting with Blueprints

- Networking Dev. (Unreal 4)


To apply, please send your resume and portfolio link to:



We are looking for someone with…
- Strong communication skills (this includes clean, well commented code)
- Attention to detail
- Self-motivated work ethic
- Good organization, and able to Multitask

Experience and skills…
- Strong knowledge of scripting / programming both traditionally and in Blueprints (Unreal 4)
- Strong low-level design ability (able to examine a design document and effectively build features that it outlines in a modular / efficient manner)

Bonus points for experience with…
Python, Lua, Graphics programming, Performance and profiling experience, Behavior Trees

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