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Revolutionizing Health Education: AstraZeneca’s Artery Explorer Campaign and the Power of Immersive Simulations

AstraZeneca’s “US Against Atherosclerosis” campaign featured the deployment of a Pulseworks 20-seat Mobile Morphis Simulator, dubbed “The Artery Explorer”.  The campaign was created to raise awareness of Atherosclerosis in the US market, achieve rapid reception of recommended actions among the medical community, and reinforce AstraZeneca’s reputation to the youth demographic. The Artery Explorer took riders on a virtual journey through the heart and directly into the arteries to highlight the health risks of the disease and associated contributing lifestyle factors. 

Pulseworks deployed the Artery Explorer in a turn-key approach and managed the simulator event footprint during the multi-year tour, promoting the campaign at hundreds of events such as cardio-pulmonary conferences, health and food fairs, marathons, sporting events, trade shows and professional pharmaceutical events.  No matter the audience, The Mobile Morphis Simulator Experience and the accompanying themed content was captivating and effective.

Pulseworks created and employed mobile data collection kiosks to obtain exit survey data after riders had viewed the simulator experience.  Questions focused on message retention and intentions to make lifestyle changes and seek medical guidance from their doctors to limit their risks.  The results and metrics received were overwhelming – The “US Against Athero” Tour motivated riders into action against this dreaded disease and left little doubt as to the value of this campaign for our partners. The Tour was so successful, it was renewed and extended!

The Tour received tremendous media coverage throughout its term, including a national satellite media tour that garnered more than 20 live interviews and features in major target markets.  During one month alone (National Cholesterol Month), the campaign received an estimated 80 million media impressions, and was named “Best PR Campaign 2008” by the Pharmaceutical Advertising and Marketing Excellence Awards (PhAME).

Pulseworks is proud to have played a part in this orchestrated campaign that benefited the reputation of our partner and left a lasting impact on the health of so many people.