The Museum Of Flight

Maximizing Revenue and Guest Satisfaction!

Pulseworks designed a custom space utilization plan and surround barrier system to maximize the number of simulators available inside a well-defined user footprint, and thereby doubled the capacity and revenue potential from the Museum's previous simulator equipment configuration.  The increased capacity means the Museum can capture higher numbers of visitors on peak days, minimize wait times, and service many more customers during special and evening events. The Pulseworks I-360 interactive simulators deployed were the state-of-the-art in customer experience and operator interface, allowing for greater guest interaction, quicker turns between missions and higher throughput potential.  Guests may choose from a list of 9 available historic and modern aircraft models to fly, and the list continues to grow!

Pulseworks also custom-designed an exciting Space Shuttle Landing App for smartphones that celebrated the opening of the Museum's Space Shuttle Full Fuselage Trainer (FFT) in the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery.  The App is marketed both on-site at the Museum and on their website, effectively helping the Museum reinforce its brand messages to many people who may never have an opportunity to visit.  

Both the I-360 interactive simulators and the Space Shuttle Landing App align with the Museum's mission and enhance its reputation as a cutting-edge leader in the advancement of aerospace education.

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