Pulseworks - Wingwalker

Wingwalker VR!  Adventures of an Air Show Stuntwoman


It is a beautiful day for an airshow and your flight aboard a vintage 1943 Boeing Super Stearman biplane. You will have the best seat in the house today…on the wing!  Travel along at incredible speeds with a daring stuntwoman on a death-defying journey to impress the crowds.  Hang on for dear life as your plane performs complicated maneuvers with no room for error to the amazement of the spectators below! Sail through the skies with skill, guts and determination! 


Wingwalker VR relives bygone feats of courage from the airshows of old and is a visual treat for those of us on the ground!


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Santa’s Christmas Rush

Pulseworks - Santa’s Christmas Rush

It is Christmas Eve and winter winds have caused Santa to lose presents all over the city!  Jump onto one of Santa’s futuristic jet powered recovery sleds and take a breathtaking VR journey through canyons of city skyscrapers and unimaginable nooks and crannies to find and retrieve the lost packages and make sure Christmas comes on time!


Santa’s Christmas Rush is full of holiday tunes, fun and surprises.


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Apollo 11 & Beyond

Pulseworks - Apollo 11 & Beyond

Climb aboard a massive Saturn V rocket and blast off for adventure to witness humankind’s first inspiring steps on the Moon. Learn how early spaceflight pioneers like the Apollo astronauts made the successes of the subsequent Space Shuttle program and International Space Station possible and helped forge a new path towards long-term planetary exploration. Glimpse how small steps will lead to giant leaps in the future as the exploration of Mars begins!

One of many immersive virtual reality adventures now available on the VR Transporter, Apollo 11 & Beyond VR puts you right inside the astronaut’s helmet!


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Cosmos Coaster

Pulseworks - Cosmos Coaster

Journey from Earth to all your favorite planetary bodies. Experience a dust storm on Mars and diamond rain on Neptune! Every twist, every turn feels like the real thing. Enjoy the speed and intensity of roller coasters through the Oculus Rift and our custom built 3DOF motion platform.


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Virtual Rush: Chicago

Pulseworks - Virtual Rush: Chicago

Chicago comes alive in this new eye-popping VR adventure. The fast-paced aerial journey takes riders over famous Chicago landmarks including Navy Pier and its iconic Centennial Wheel, the Chicago River, Grant Park and Soldier Field as they soar through magnificent man-made skyscraper canyons with many other iconic structures. Virtual Rush: Chicago takes VR to a whole new interactive and collaborative level!


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Spacewalk: Danger In Orbit

Pulseworks - Spacewalk: Danger In Orbit

Be “transported” into space and see the Earth as never before with our state-of-the-art motion-based VR attraction, the Pulseworks VR Transporter!  After strapping in to our precision-controlled motion seats and donning electronic 3D goggles, you will be immersed in the action as you look in any direction and feel as though you are really there! Spacewalk: Danger in Orbit is an exciting "Extravehicular activity" (EVA) around the International Space Station where you are the astronaut! Your maneuvering unit lifts you from the cargo bay of the space shuttle to float effortlessly over the Earth on your tour to inspect components on the Station.  Experience the dangers of living and working in space in this thrilling first-person adventure.

Customized experiences available.


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Dive in Prehistoric Seas

Pulseworks - Dive in Prehistoric Seas

Experience the prehistoric seas like never before with Dive in Prehistoric Seas! Enter a world of danger and majesty as you move through the water with Liopleurodon, Ginsu Sharks, Styxosaurus, Archelon and more! We utilize the Oculus Rift and our custom built 3DOF motion platform to immerse you fully into a gorgeously rendered fully 3D world.

Customized experiences available.


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