Dive Into VR at the Georgia Aquarium!

Pulseworks VR Transporter launches at Georgia Aquarium to take visitors on a stunning prehistoric dive!


Pulseworks' new VR Transporter launched recently at the Georgia Aquarium to much acclaim! The innovative 4-seat motion-based VR attraction "transports" patrons back in time to glimpse amazing marine life of the distant past in a beautiful natural history experience called Time Jump: Dive in Prehistoric Seas. Utilizing state-of-the-art virtual reality display goggles and dynamic motion, riders can swim alongside a massive Archelon sea turtle, marvel at a graceful long-necked Styxosaurus, and come face-to-face with a powerful Ginsu Shark! The prehistoric ocean is teeming with many strange and wonderful creatures! Riders are immersed in the action as they look in any direction during the adventure, and realism is heightened by 4D-effects.  The VR Transporter makes them feel as though they are there!



This new, innovative experience uses high-tech head mounted displays to connect users directly with content inside a three-dimensional space.  Rather than simply watching a movie, they can change their perspective, explore and have their own unique experience tailored to their head movement. It is as though they are right inside the diver's mask! While the VR displays mimic the immersive visuals of the real world, the VR Transporter's motion platform and effects technology reconfirm what the users are seeing by providing inputs to their other senses.  It takes virtual reality to a whole new level!


The high appeal of the VR Transporter experience at the Georgia Aquarium is clear! Long lines and overwhelming customer survey expressions have proven this platform as a strong educational tool and significant revenue generator.


The Pulseworks VR Transporter content library is growing and features other eye-popping, first person adventures, such as SpaceWalk: Danger in Orbit that allows patrons to assume the role of an astronaut testing a new manned-maneuvering unit and explore the exterior of the International Space Station high above the Earth. The VR Transporter is wowing patrons at many premier destinations such as the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, The National Museum of the US Air Force, and Denver Museum of Nature and Science just to name a few!

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