Pulseworks at 2023 ASTC Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina

Pulseworks at 2023 ASTC Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina

Pulseworks is proud to have exhibited at the 2023 Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team had a great time showing many of our products and VR Experiences.

The two VR experiences were a great success. The Drop in the Ocean (DITO) experience showed a first-hand account of how pollutions and microplastic affect our marine ecosystem. Through a exciting, collaborative and interactive jellyfish ride, riders were able to see just how important it was to reduce their individual carbon footprint. The push for conservation is a great message that can be incorporated in any organization. Our secondary VR experience, Space Walk, allowed riders to be fully immersed in a repair mission on the International Space Station. This experience was intended to be on a motion base, but due to lack on space, we presented it in a chair similar to one we use in our ride experience.

Our AI space curator, Captain Starship, demonstrates a great example of a chatbot we can create specifically geared towards an institution, topic, or product with safety parameters that allows for use of all ages. It can be completely trained by our partners, accessible 24/7, works on any device without app download, and has parameters to ensure it is appropriate for all ages.

We were also able to show our 3D Projection fan which was definitely an attention grabber. From the floating jellyfish to the running dinosaur, it was hard to just keep walking passed something so realistic. The graphics can be altered to fit the demands of the exhibits or institutions as well as project the insignia of said museum.

We appreciate everyone who came by and experienced the exciting world of Pulseworks and we look forward to partnering with your institutions.