Pulseworks does not hire anyone without one or more physical interview at its facilities or attraction sites.

Please do not fall for scammers who offer you remote jobs without the above physical interviews.

Pulseworks is hiring a qualified Programmer to work with us full-time in Smyrna, Georgia. We are looking for a multifaceted Programmer who has experience with C++ and C#. You will help create beautiful, impactful, and immersive VR experiences augmented with 3-axis motion, 4D effects and thunderous high-fidelity sound.

Tasks typically include:

  • UMG Setup/Development
  • Blueprint node creation
  • Scripting with Blueprints
  • Networking Dev. (Unreal 4)


We are looking for someone with…
– Strong communication skills (this includes clean, well commented code)
– Attention to detail
– Self-motivated work ethic
– Good organization, and able to Multitask

Experience and skills…
– Strong knowledge of scripting / programming both traditionally and in Blueprints (Unreal 4)
– Strong low-level design ability (able to examine a design document and effectively build features that it outlines in a modular / efficient manner)

Bonus points for experience with…
Python, Lua, Graphics programming, Performance and profiling experience, Behavior Trees