Morphis ESP Capsule Simulator

Morphis ESP Capsule Simulator

A Dream of a Machine

Pulseworks is proud to bring to the entertainment arena the Morphis ESP capsule motion simulator, a work horse of performance and reliability.

Dynamic Business Opportunity

Morphis ESP is a real crowd-pleaser with high revenue generation potential.

With its futuristic design and integrated point of sales package, it easily fits into most museums, urban entertainment centers and size-constrained locations.

Through a selective choice of innovative rides and capsule theming it becomes a vehicle to go into space, a time traveller, a racing car, and much, much more. Whether it is used for fun, education, or a means of advertising, it brings excitement, suspense, and drama into any setting, and adds benefit to any environment.

This eight-seat, high tech machine will appeal to people of all ages. Morphis ESP encompasses the very latest in digital technology with an all-electric motion base to operate quietly and efficiently. It features an advanced futuristic-styled capsule and will fit into many low ceiling height locations.

The Morphis ESP is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and a sheer thrill for riders.

  • 8-seat Capacity

  • 80 Patrons Per Hour

  • Small Footprint and Low Clearances

  • Flat-Panel Digital Projection/Surround Sound Audio

  • All Electric Motion