Morphis Motion Theater Capsule Simulator

Morphis Motion Theater Capsule Simulator

Wow, I need to ride that!

Morphis is designed to capture the imagination…to create an attraction where people say ‘Wow, I need to ride that!’, and to generate word-of-mouth about their experience.

The perfectly immersive, perfectly sized attraction

Pulseworks VR Transporter is cutting edge technology for today’s tech savvy audiences. We couple both large and small motion platforms with the newest video and game content in these state-of-the-art systems. By developing our content in house, Pulseworks is able to design immersive experiences that are exactly what your visitors are looking for. Whether you want to dive in with the dolphins or drive a Lunar Rover through the craters of the moon, it all comes to life in all directions. The 360 degree views are made possible by simply turning your head. Motion tracking technology changes the viewing angle instantaneously while looking around effectively convincing the rider they are actually there. With the addition of a motion platform the rider can now feel the dips in a roller coaster and the bumps in the road, taking immersion to the next level.

  • 20-seat capacity

  • Fully automatic gull wing doors

  • Climate controlled suitable for indoor & outdoor applications

  • 3-axis roll, pitch and heave scissor style motion

  • Rear projection digital picture system

  • Multi-channel surround sound system

  • Multiple features for guest safety