Time Jump Interactive

Time Jump Interactive

Travel to the past to unlock prehistoric mysteries!

Participants control their own submersible to meet many fascinating creatures face-to-face.

The new definition of Museum “Interactive”

Working as a team, each Time Jump crew travels through an underwater time portal and meet a variety of diverse prehistoric species. The goal is to navigate their craft to find as many specimens as possible and collect DNA samples before their time runs out. Mission length can be varied, but is usually under 5 minutes, providing ample capture potential and a significant throughput for each simulator. Species encountered include: Ammonite, Enchodus, Ginsu Shark, Liopleurodon, Styxosaurus, Coelacanth, and more! Custom-modeling of other species is available.

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  • 360-degree barrel rolls and dynamic pitch motion

  • High quality fire retardant fiberglass

  • 2 bucket seats with 4-point racing harnesses

  • Manually operated sliding door with latch

  • 42” 1080p high definition flat panel monitor

  • 500-watt digital sound system